Rev up your car’s value in 5 simple steps

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5 Ways To Protect Your Car’s Value


Not yet ready to explore getting a complete car detailing service and have the time? Well, here are 5 simple steps from Unique Detail Connecticut to protect the value of your car:

  • Get a quick car wash when you stop to get gas. A lot of gas stations have automated car washes, and while they are not the best, you can get the superficial dirt off the car. And some places offer a discount when you buy a full tank of gas
  • Clean your leather seats to preserve them. Use a damp cloth with some cleaning solution to off get the dirt
  • Dust off the dashboard. Use a rag and some polish that will give it a shine 
  • Vacuum your car often. And don’t forget the seats and the mats, which tend to accumulate dirt. Make sure to get under the seats and anywhere the vacuum will reach. Kids tend to drop their garbage on the floor. Vacuuming protects the car and a clean car interior makes you look and feel better
  • Polish your car headlights so you can see where you are going, especially at night 


Can't see driving at night. Check your headlights to see if they are blurry. Unique Detail CT does headlight repairs and cleaning.

Get headlights restored with car Unique Detail.

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