Car Detailing is important. Find out why 

Protect your car from certain damage

Each winter your automobile – car, SUV, or truck – is blasted by gook and grime that we have come to expect during a season marked by heavy snowfall. And although some folks will take their vehicles to automated car washes or even tackle the job of cleaning the interior and exterior of their cars themselves, a lot of motorists just leave the grit on until spring. 

But be careful. This is the period when your vehicle can be damaged by chemicals and other materials your municipality spreads on the roads to make them easier and safer to drive on during the winter months.   

What is auto detailing? 

Detailing an automobile is divided into two parts: the Exterior and Interior. Manufacturers make products to take care of both, and they’re not the same. 


Exterior Detailing

 At Unique Detail Ct, a mobile car detailing service, we don’t leave a speck of dirt on your car when we are finished with our work. We ensure that the exterior detailing job is exceptional. We do a comprehensive cleaning that includes polishing the car’s finish to make it look almost like new again. Our professional staff also cleans the chrome trim, the windows, tires, and wheels. We work on anything that is visible on the exterior of the visible. 

 Our Unique Detail Ct pro will use detailing products and techniques that are appropriate for your vehicle and its condition. Some of the products that might be used include: 

  • Detergents and acid-free degreasers that dissolve any dirt and soil 
  • Detail clay is used to remove embedded dirt
  • Waxes, shines and polishes are used to help improve reflectivity and give the tires a sparkle 

Interior Detailing

We make sure that the interior gets a deep cleaning, from floor to ceiling. We also pay special attention to those hard-to-get-at places. Since the interior of automobiles come in different materials, Unique Detail Ct uses the appropriate cleaning method.  

 Vehicle interiors come in a variety of materials, such as synthetic carpet upholstery, vinyl, leather, various natural fibers, carbon fiber composites, and plastics. The detailing pro will make the right call about what cleaning product and the process they will use during detailing.

Of course, we will painstakingly vacuum the interior of your car. We will also remove any stain from the upholstery. We will use steam cleaning, liquid, or foam chemicals to remove the stains. And if the stain is tough to remove, we will use brushes to help get rid of it. We will also polish interior surfaces that are nonporous. 

 At Unique Detail Ct, we take care of your vehicle we make you look good when you are driving down the highway. Contact us TODAY to set up an appointment.  



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