Car wash or mobile auto detailing?  


 A car wash or mobile auto detailing service?  

In a society where it seems as if there are fewer than 24 hours in a day, it’s not possible to complete all the tasks on your to-do list. So sometimes, something has to take a back seat.  Soe the question is should you opt for going to a car wash or a mobile auto detailing service.

For all car owners living this time-crunched existence, the thing that gets lower on the chores list is taking care of your vehicle. The thing is, there is no time to get your car thoroughly clean when your kids, spouse, friends, and work are demanding your attention. 

Call a mobile car detailing service 

Just like corporations outsource jobs to save money and time, you can do the same for your car. Take your car to an auto detailing expert or better yet, call a mobile auto detailing service like Unique Detail Ct. Mobile service means that you don’t have to drive anywhere, Stay home or stay on the job, or hang out in the park. We come to you. 

All you have to do is tell us the time you want us there. And, of course, where we should meet you. Our expert auto detailer will get to work on your vehicle and leave it looking like new again. 

A time saver 

If you take on the task of washing your car yourself, you know you are in for several hours of work. That’s less time with the family and less time developing stronger bonds with those who are important to you.   

We can save you a lot of time. This is precious time, moments that you can never get back. You could miss out on seeing your baby walk for the first time, in person. Not capture on some digital recording. Being there in person is a bonding moment for the entire family. Your baby will see your face beaming with pride. 

Unique Detail Connecticut will clean your car, SUV, truck, RV, and you can be there for that first baby step. We will handle everything, including cleansers and processes to use to get your car looking like new again. We will be detailed about the process and take our time to make sure you are satisfied with the outcome. 

 Getting the best deal 

But before you book your vehicle for detailing service, you should know some key facts: 

  • Prices: Like anything else, the cost of the services vary. It also depends on add-on services, such whether you want paint-chip repair service or your windshield chips repaired. Talk with your service expert before giving the go ahead to do the job. Using a mobile service is also less expensive than taking your car to a brick-and-mortar shop. A mobile detailing service does not have to worry about overhead costs so prices can be a lot more attractive. 
  • Waiting: A mobile service will eliminate any waiting, which can be frustrating when you have other chores to attend to before the end of the day. Unique Detailing can do the work in your garage or the yard. And you get more personalized service. 
  • Gas: You also save money on gas because you don’t have to drive anywhere to get your car cleaned properly. A side benefit is that you help keep the environment a little cleaner the less driving you have to do. 

We’re neighbors 

You don’t need to leave your neighborhood to call us for service. We serve Windsor, West Hartford, Glastonbury, Granby, Simsbury, Bloomfield, Bolton, Avon, Windsor Locks, and Manchester. 

Contact us TODAY for a comprehensive car detailing service.  

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