A car bra can protect your grille during a road trip 


  Do you need a car bra? 

Road trips can be hard on your car, making an investment in a car bra necessary. Rocks, debris, bugs, and other automobile nemesis are just waiting to take a crack at your paint job, hood, and grille.  

But there is no need to get bent out of shape. Protect your car’s vulnerable paint with a car bra. This bra also goes by other names: car mask or front-end mask. The mask preserves the paint, keeps the car’s resale value, and dissolves any concerns you might have about collecting dings, chips, and dents. 

And no matter how careful you are during your travel, rock tossed the wheels of passing vehicles, flying debris, or wayward flying insects, always seem to target your car. And what you end up with are dings, chips, and scrapes that attract rust beneath the vehicle’s paint.  Those rocks can also damage your vehicle’s windshields, although there is not a bra for that.

Protect with a car mask 

The simple way to keep your car safe is to get a mask for your ride. The thick vinyl material of the car bra can fend off any airborne combatant that want to cause damage. The dings, chips, and scratches can’t penetrate the car bra’s outer layer. And your worries are gone and your car paint remains unspoiled. 

Car bras also keep projectiles from smacking your vehicle’s finish when it is put in place properly. The sturdy outer layer and the soft material that makes the lining is designed to guarantee perfect protection for your car’s front end. 

And protection extends to the finish beneath the car bra. Your car will feel like it’s wrapped in the softest covers.  

All this protection pays off. The value of your car will remain high and when you are ready for resale, you can command more money. 

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