Can you afford the cost of paint chip detailing?   



Can you afford not to invest in the paint chip correction cost for your vehicle? That’s a question many car owners face.

rust on car exterior

Rusting car door


And like many car owners, you probably react in one of two ways when you find a paint chip or scratch on your vehicle. You will either ignore the problem believing it might cost too much to fix, or you opt to correct the blemish to your vehicle, especially if it’s new.   

Car detailing experts will tell you that a paint correction treatment is the best move to make to save your car. Not only will you restore the value of your vehicle, but you will also, in the long run, save money.  


Correcting the paint chip  

 A paint chip correction treatment is not a DIY undertaking. To get the color right and make the area look as if there was never an issue, you should take it to the pros. They will know what to do. 

The auto detailer will remove any blemishes or scratches from the paintwork, going through several steps using the right tools. If you want to handle the job yourself, you will have to go out and buy or rent the necessary machine to remove the blemishes, swirls, or scratches. You also will have to know the outcome you are looking to achieve. 

A skilled auto detailer will call on precision and training to buff the spot so restore the paint to its original look. If the buffing is not done correctly, you will not get the results you desire. You could also mess up the appearance of your vehicle.   


 The cost of chip paint correction?   

How much you pay is determined by the extent of the chip paint damage. Some detailing professionals estimate car paint chip correction costs can range from $150 for minor scratches to $7,500 for bigger and more intricate jobs. Talk to your car detailer and discuss the cost before making a decision.  

The bottom line is that paying the paint chip correction cost is a lot cheaper than most car owners might think.

At Unique Detail CT, “from your hood to bumper, chipped paint can diminish the look and value of your vehicle. A complete re-paint of the chipped area can cost hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars. Unique Detail’s paint chip repair process can bring back the look of your vehicle at the fraction of the cost of having your vehicle repainted.”  


 Why car owners should repair a paint chip   

If your vehicle is old and on its last legs, getting a paint chip repair might not be the correct course of action. But if your car is in good condition, you don’t want to ignore a paint chip.  

A paint chip might appear to be a minor issue, but it can lead to a big headache. You could even end up having to come up with the money to buy another car. And that is a lot heftier price than a paint chip correction cost.  

Rust on car hood

Rusting blue car

Here are some other reasons fixing car paint chips is important:  

  • Prevent rust from developing.   
  • Protect the roadworthiness of your car. Rust can undermine your vehicle’s structural integrity.   
  • Cost more to heat and cool the vehicle in cold and hot months because the hole in your car will drain the heat and AC.  
  • Keep the appearance of our car as well as its value. 
  • Eliminate the need to repaint bigger areas on your vehicle    

So, it pays to check your car regularly to make sure it has not gotten any chips or scratches. And when you find any, get a detailing professional to make the repairs.  

Unique Detail CT provides car detailing services near you. We cover Avon, Bloomfield, Bolton, GlastonburyGranby, West Hartford, Manchester, Simsbury, Windsor, and  Windsor Locks.




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