Assumptions vs. Reality in Mobile Auto Detailing Service

Assumptions vs. Reality: Mobile Auto Detailing Service


Mobile Auto detailing is a rapidly growing area of the auto detailing industry. Many car owners, however, tend to be a bit confused by the assumptions vs. reality of mobile car detailing services. The 21st Century and its advanced technology allow us to work remotely, making life more convenient. And mobile auto detailing service providers contribute to reducing the stress level of harried workers and parents.

But car owners’ expectations when it comes to mobile detailing service, fly in the face of reality. Let’s clarify the difference between assumptions and reality and how that knowledge can save customers time and money.

Exterior car washing

Man washing black car


Assumptions: Mobile Car Detailers Run Identical Operations

Generally, most people expect mobile auto detailing ventures to operate similarly and provide comparable services.

That is an incorrect assumption. Not all mobile car detailers have a brick-and-mortar shop. And the types and quantity of services differ. Prices run the gamut; there is no set price or a flat fee for services.

Mobile auto detailing means convenience

The Reality: Mobile Car Detailers Run Identical Operations

For the most part, a mobile detailing provider is focused on convenience for the customer. When it comes to “mobile” it means that the detailing technician comes to you.

Our customers have the flexibility of being in the driver’s seat, pun intended. You can set an appointment on our website. You set the time and the place you want us to perform the detailing service.

Also, the reality is that you will not have to turn up at a detailing shop and wait in line for service. We can come to your home, workplace or meet you in a park while you take the kids for ice cream.

To be clear, some mobile detailing service providers do have a shop or garage. And still, others go for the pop-up storefronts offering transitory services. This kind of operation does not allow you to build any long-term relationship. At Unique Detail CT, we want to develop long-lasting partnerships with our customers.

We offer a wide range of services. If you are seeking a unique service, just ask and we will try to accommodate you if possible. We do not operate 24 hours a day. We have normal business hours, but again don’t be afraid to check if changes can be made. Nothing is ever set in stone; we are here to make your life less stressful.

Expectations vs. reality in car detailing. Blue car undergoing cleaning

A blue car being washed


Assumption: Basic Exterior Detailing Will Restore My Car’s Value

Never accept that just having the exterior of your vehicle washed qualifies as a mobile detailing service. That’s a car wash and you can get that by just going through a regular car wash.

A basic car wash to remove dirt and grime will not make your car like new again. It will look better without the dirt, but the value is in a comprehensive detailing job.

A speedy car wash can cost $15-$25, but a complete detailing job, which includes the interior and exterior of your car, can cost almost $300. You will pay more for complete detailing on larger vehicles.

But remember, a basic car wash should not cost you the price of exterior detailing.

Actual investment benefits

The Reality: A Complete Detailing Will Restore My Car’s Value

Look at it this way, you get what you pay for. So, if you are unwilling to make the necessary investment in a complete detailing service that will extend the life of your car, increasing its value.

The reality is that getting a cheap mobile detailing service might wind up being expensive.

Car wheels, Assumptions vs. Reality

Car wheel being washed

A quality mobile car detailing service will be done by professionals who are running a business and want to keep you as a customer over the long haul. You can opt for a quick car wash, but remember it’s only a wash.

As part of a comprehensive mobile auto detailing service, the detailer will be thorough. The detailer will work on the exterior and interior. There will be washing, waxing, sealants, vacuuming, and shampooing.

When the detailer is done your vehicle will be like new again. The value will be added back to your ride.

At Unique Detail Ct, our expert detailing technician will answer all your questions and will dispel any misconceptions or assumptions so you can drive away with actual facts on mobile auto detailing services, and how these services prolong the life and value of your vehicle.

Our services, which also include fleet detailing for companies with a large fleet of vehicles, covers  Avon, Bloomfield, Bolton, GlastonburyGranby, West Hartford, Manchester, Simsbury, Windsor, and  Windsor Locks.

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